Level 2 That Requires Substantive Support

(Intermediate Level)

Described as follows:

At The Criterion of Social Communication

Evident deficiency in verbal and non-verbal social communication skills, apparent impairment in social interaction even with support and assistance in the social situation.

Limited ability to create social interaction, diminishing or unusual responses to social interactions by others.

For example, an individual has a few sentences that he/she can use in his/her speech. His/her social interaction is limited to subjects of particular interest, and his/her nonverbal communication seems remarkably odd.

At The Test of Criterion of Repetitive Behaviors and Narrow Interests

Inelastic behavior, extreme difficulty in adapting to change, or repetitive / limited behaviors that seem to be excessive enough in order to be clear for observation by others, or influence an individual’s position performing in different situations (social contexts).

Difficulty in being able to change his or her interests or actions (behaviors).