Level 1 That Requires Support

(Simple Level)

Described as follows:

At The Criterion of Social Communication

They have a clear deficit in social interaction, which results in an impairment in the ability of social interaction with the absence of appropriate support in social situations.

Difficulty in the ability to establish social interaction with others and the existence of clear examples of unusual or failed responses to social interactions by others.

He/she may appear to have diminished his/her desire or interest in social interaction with others.

For example, an individual who has the ability to talk using clear and complete sentences and has the ability to engage in communication with others, but fails to do so. Also his/her ability to make friends becomes something odd (abnormal) and unsuccessful completely.

At The Test of Criterion of Repetitive Behaviors and Narrow Concerns

Inflexible behavior that results in a significant impact on one’s performance in one or more situations (social contexts).
Difficulty in moving between different activities.
Problems in the ability to organize or planthat may hinder (curb) the ability for independence.