Targeted Groups in Quality of Life Center​

Target groups in terms of disability and severity is according to the new classification in the fifth statistical guide DSM 5. The Center targets three categories in the severity level of autism spectrum disorder.

Level 1 That Requires Support (Simple Level)

They have a clear deficit in social interaction, which results in an impairment in the ability of social interaction with the absence of appropriate support in social situations.

Level 2 That Requires Substantive Support (Intermediate Level)

Evident deficiency in verbal and non-verbal social communication skills, apparent impairment in social interaction even with support and assistance in the social situation.

Level 3 That Requires Substantial Support (Extreme Level)

Severe deficiencies in verbal and non-verbal social communication skills that cause severe impairment in job performance. Limited ability to create social interaction, and minimum capacity to respond to others' social initiatives.