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هل رأيت مثل هذا الشخص 3/3


My Diary 3

He is a young man, M, is 31 years old, and he is the first son of the family. He lives in Dammam. He suffers from autism spectrum disorder and suffers from diabetes. His father died when he was ten years old and had a sister who suffers from the same disease. The mother who bears all these responsibilities is on her shoulders. She escapes her painful reality by living in a state of excretion and forgetfulness, her heart sinks before her eyes, although she is not nervous, but she is constantly complaining, worrying and fearful of her children, of course.

We go back to young “M”, whose mother used to deal with him according to the instructions of the center in which “M” received his training, although she noticed that these instructions reflected negatively on her son “M” and even rejected behaviors.

On the other side, there is the older sister who was dedicated to caring for Father “M”, but now she is no longer like that because she became an employee, which has negatively affected “M”

Certainly, we will not forget M’s sister, who is the middle daughter among the children. She suffers from autism spectrum disorder, as we mentioned, but she is characterized by a degree of mental awareness in addition to her ability to speak.

But … what about the little son? He is behaviorally disturbed because he is jealous of the love of the eldest daughter, the younger mother, and M, just as he is jealous of the love of the rest of the family for his brother M and his younger sister.

We can summarize the problem of “M” according to the mother’s narration in several points, which are the complete picture of her human suffering that is deprived of her in the simplest form of feeling the pleasure and enjoyment of life. A summary of her suffering is a mother who suffers from

mother who suffers from:

Sensitive to surrounding sounds.

Sometimes he has tantrums.

– He cries for no reason.

He insists on asking about travel.

He sleeps on the sound of the television.

The mother stands confused and the whole family How can we deal with these phenomena in a correct and safe way?

Experts specializing in this field indicate that any person suffers from tension from loud voices means that he suffers from a problem or need and needs someone to help him, and the evidence of that sleep is on the sound of the television, so that “M” does not suffer from sensory problems. Thank God, this is what the doctor confirmed to the mother.

Therefore, your letters to M, be to your son, the chest, the tender, and the safe haven, O tender mother, fill in the ears of your son M with words of love and sympathy. Your emotions need your care. And being for him the gibba, the mother and the friend every minute, all the problems of “M” are emotional, so crying without the reason for sensitivity to the sounds and the question about traveling to Dammam or to Mecca, Dammam is childhood and nostalgia and Mecca is a wonderful place for him and all these problems are the reason behind them is the neglect of the educator, so make sure to massage your child’s body Especially the places the brain looks at, the hands, the legs, the back, the lips, and what surrounds them. A simple massage. “M” also needs to get out of the house, accompanied by the mother, and whoever sits for at least two hours talks with him and approaches him, and within six months the results of these important steps will appear that will leave significant and beneficial effects for the child In the rest of h

Riyadh 7/31/201